Stonewall Kitchen Chicken Three Ways Collection

  • Stonewall Kitchen Chicken Three Ways Collection
    Stonewall Kitchen Chicken Three Ways Collection
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    The Stonewall Kitchen Chicken Three Ways Collection is the perfect answer to the question ?chicken again?? Our collection not only makes delicious chicken, but makes weeknight chicken dinners a breeze. We have grouped together three all natural Stonewall Kitchen Simmering Sauces to honor traditional Italian and French recipes while saving you time with less preparation.

    Marsala Sauce originated in Sicily, Italy, where the popular sweet wine is produced. Often served at the vintner's family tables, Stonewall Kitchen's version is just as robust and flavorful. Highlighted with Marsala wine, butter, cream, mushrooms, garlic, and spices, it's has all you need to add to your chicken for your own easy home-cooked meal.

    Coq Au Vin is a traditional French dish that is somewhat elaborate and time consuming to prepare. In this case, Stonewall Kitchen makes the effort for you. They provide the varied ingredients, and take the necessary time to simmer the sauce, so with a little bit of additional preparation in your own kitchen, the end result will be worth it. Blended together are the complex flavors of red wine, mirepoix (minced onions, carrots, and celery), and tomato to make this rich and truly flavorful sauce. You provide the chicken and a little love.

    Classic Chicken Cacciatore (hunter style, in Italian) starts with slowly simmered tomatoes and plenty of vegetables like peppers, onions, capers, and mushrooms accented with an assortment of spices. Served with pasta or perhaps potatoes, this authentic and natural mix of ingredients creates a rich and zesty sauce to complement chicken for a deliciously easy home-cooked meal.

    When you purchase all three starter sauces together, you can enjoy a 10% savings on the individual purchase price.

    Each Chicken Three Ways Collection includes one jar each of Chicken Marsala Simmering Sauce (17.75 oz.), Coq Au Vin Simmering Sauce (18.5 oz.), and Cacciatore Simmering Sauce (18.5 oz.) by Stonewall Kitchen.

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