Truffle Temptations Gift Pack

  • Truffle Temptations Gift Pack
    Truffle Temptations Gift Pack
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    Produced in Italy's unspoiled Marche region, T&C Tentazioni truffle condiments are concentrated and intense. A little goes a long way towards prized truffle aroma and flavor. This truffle expert offers an intoxicating experience. We assembled several of their best sellers for the Truffle Temptations Gift Pack.

    First is Tartufata, an extremely versatile condiment and sauce, similar to tapenade. It is made with mushrooms, black olives, summer truffles (5%), anchovies, garlic, parsley and corn oil. Ready to use as is, or it can be diluted with chicken stock, oil or cream and added to pasta, rice, egg dishes, cutlets, chicken breasts, and scaloppini. Another wonderful serving recommendation is to serve it slightly warmed on sandwiches, crostini or in canape.

    Next, slices of summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) are preserved in oil and ready for use year round. The earthy aroma and flavor of these sliced Summer Truffles are best when heated very gently and served over pasta and rice, omelettes and frittatas, or carpaccio.

    Tentazioni White Truffle Oil is ready to use on its own or for adding to fresh truffles and mushrooms. Preferably used cold as a condiment, this white truffle flavored oil can be drizzled over courses such as risotto, boiled vegetables, and fish or beef carpaccio. To elevate the flavor profile of mayonnaise or other sauces, add a small amount of oil to taste.

    Lastly, we added a fragrant truffle-flecked sea salt. Tentazioni blends sea salt and small pieces of summer truffle for this earthy and exotic seasoning that can be added to dishes at the end of preparation. Summer Truffle Salt can be sprinkled over broiled or baked meats, fish or vegetables. It can be added to scrambled egg dishes, creamy mashed potatoes, risotto or pasta. For a unique flavor dimension, use on flatbreads or popcorn.

    Each Truffle Temptations Gift Pack includes:

    • One jar Tartufata - Mushrooms, Olives, and Truffles by T&C Tentazioni 6.35 oz
    • One jar Sliced Summer Truffles in Oil by T&C Tentazioni 1.6 oz
    • One bottle White Truffle Oil by T&C Tentazioni 1.8 oz
    • One jar contains Summer Truffle Salt by T&C Tentazioni 3.5 oz

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