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    Spanish Taster Pantry
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    If you haven't yet traveled to Spain, you are missing quite a bit of culinary fun. But you don't have to miss it all. We have put together a little Taster Pantry that will tease your pallet just enough to motivate taking that trip in the near future.

    We begin with two basics of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and vinegar. In this case, we offer Pons single variety Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This Olive Oil has a nutty taste and a fruity aroma of apple and banana. L'Estornell Reserva's Sherry Vinegar aroma is pungent, its taste of nuts and ripe fruit delicately balanced by tangy acidity. Next come two products typically used as appetizers and accompaniments, Pons Cocktail Mix and Maria Jesus smoked Piquillo Peppers. The Pons Olive Cocktail Mix is the ultimate Spanish mix of specially selected whole green and black olives, small caperberries, gherkins, red peppers and garlic which have been marinated in their own extra virgin olive oil with a special herb seasoning to finish this collaboration. The piquillo peppers are produced in Navarra by a small producer that still uses traditional methods. Peppers are roasted over a wood fire, then peeled by hand and packed in small glass jars. These are great for stuffing. And last, but not least, we add the perfect spice, La Dahlia Sweet Pimenton de la Vera. Pimenton adds that smokey flavor that distinguishes so many Spanish dishes.

    Our pantries are specially put together to offer taste and value. Each combination is 10% off the individual pricing. The Spanish Taster Pantry offers one each of Pons Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, L'Estornell Reserva Sherry Vinegar, Pons Cocktail Mix, Maria Jesus Piquillo Peppers and La Dahlia Sweet Pimenton Paprika.

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