Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Kids

  • Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Kids
    Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Kids
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    In recent years, the Mediterranean Diet has proven to be healthful and beneficial in many ways. In the Mediterranean countries, adherence to this diet begins from childhood and therefore becomes a natural part of everyday living. It is in this spirit that Pons has developed extra virgin olive oil products for babies and children. The consumption of olive oil is recommended from month 7 of a baby's life.

    Studies have shown that its contributions to nutrition include Vitamin E uptake; contribution to the reduction of obesity in childen; helping to stimulate bone growth; working as a high anti-inflammatory power at the gastric level; and contribution to neuro-cerebral development.

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Kids is designed for those 3 to 7 years of age. Its acidity level, like that of the oil for babies, is 0.25. But unlike the one for babies, this olive oil is of an average intensity and contributes to familiarizing children with the flavor of olive oil.

    Each tin of Pons Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Kids contains 8.5 fl.oz. or 250ml.

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