Mackerel In Olive Oil By Ramon Pena

  • Mackerel In Olive Oil By Ramon Pena
    Mackerel In Olive Oil By Ramon Pena
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    Our gourmet mackerel in olive oil is an exceptional taste treat for the fish lover. The best pieces are selected at the port and cleaned. Then mackerel are grilled and toasted. After being toasted, they are manually canned with olive oil and salt. Mackerel in olive oil are best served as an appetizer with crunchy bread and crisp glass of wine.

    Our Mackerel in Olive Oil come from the Galician factories of Ramon Pena. The canned food of Ramon Pena can be found in the most prestigious restaurants and shops throughout the world. The reason for the world renown of this 3rd generation company is very simple. It is based on their commitment to the style, tradition, and quality of their products. Their current factory is provided with the most advanced technology and production facilities. Their products have a limited production because on the best will do.

    Each tin of Mackerel in Olive Oil by Raman Pena contains 4.9 oz. or 138g.

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