Fig And Walnut Confit By Lepicurien

  • Fig And Walnut Confit By Lepicurien
    Fig And Walnut Confit By Lepicurien
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    Created in 1982, L'Epicurien began as a delicatessen in Paris, specializing in the production of homemade jams. After more than 15 years of developing this retail activity, Mr. Bernard Le Gulvout decided to focus exclusively on the traditional production of jam and savory products. Mr. Le Gulvout is a master craftsman with a healthy respect for the traditional home cooked style, slowing simmering his recipes in large open caldrons. His fruit is picked at the correct point of ripeness, and only pure cane sugar is added for sweetness.

    This same care and expertise is brought to the making of L'Epicurien Confit. These products are less sweet than traditional jams and are specifically made for pairing with certain cheeses. Cheese and fruit naturally go well together, and L'Epicurien Confit will never overpower the distinct characteristics of any particular cheese.

    The Fig and Walnut Confit is an ideal pairing for Goat Cheese. This Confit contains 50.5% figs, and Pays d'Oc white wine.

    Each jar of Fig and Walnut Confit by L'Epicurien contains 4.41 ounces or 125g.

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