Sweet GarlicandHerbs From Provence

  • Sweet GarlicandHerbs From Provence
    Sweet GarlicandHerbs From Provence
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    Created in 1982, L'EPICURIEN began as a delicatessen in Paris, specializing in the production of homemade jams. After more than 15 years of development of this retail activity, Mr. Bernard Le Gulvout decided to focus exclusively on the traditional production of jam and savory products.

    One of our favorite products is preserved sweet garlic with herbs, all of which come from the Provence region of France. Along with the herbs, the garlic cloves are preserved in a solution of rape oil, salt and vinegar making them a tasty treat straight from the jar, like olives as an appetizer. They work well in salads, and in various cooked applications as well. They are simply a quick, healthy and delicious way to use one of the most popular cooking ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine.

    Each jar of L'Epicurien Sweet Garlic & Herbs from Provence contains 7.41 oz. or 210g.

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